by Luke Yankee
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Here’s what the critics are saying

about the world premiere stage production of

Luke Yankee’s


starring Harry Hamlin:

"The Jesus Hickey is a masterpiece that's the equivalent of the great recent Irish plays by Martin McDonagh and Brian Friel.  So great and so piercing is its satire that it could easily be termed a contemporary classic on the order of J.M. Synge's Playboy of the Western World of a century ago...the play delivers humor that's ribald and witty while at the same time offering thought-provoking drama...The Jesus Hickey balances thousands of observations about human aspirations and failings on the head of a pin, which in itself is something of a minor miracle!”

                                                                                     -- Eric Marchese, Backstage

Billboards, potato chips, freeway underpasses, tree stumps and pigeon coops are just some of the places Christ's image has appeared, or alleged to appear, in recent years. In Luke Yankee's ticklish comedy, the Savior-sighting takes place in the Emerald Isle city of Sligo, and comes by way of a girl as pure as the Virgin mother herself.... Yankee's well-written script nimbly skirts the boundaries between morality play, satire and comedy. Performances are quite good under Yankee's direction."    RECOMMENDED - GO! 

                                                                                     -- Lovel Estell III, L.A. Weekly

 "Like every well-written comedy, The Jesus Hickey hooks the audience in the first five minutes. It introduces feisty, hilarious characters; it is laced with outrageous, audacious dialogue and has a daring, devil-may-care plot that snaps everyone to attention...The Jesus Hickey is guaranteed to be a smash hit at the box office... Luke Yankee has written a solid winner!"  

                                                                                   -- Shirle Gottlieb, Press-Telegram

"Ah, the prayer of an innocent Irish lass:  'Our Father, who Art in Heaven...what the hell are ya doin'?'  It's a fair question for the Almighty in The Jesus Hickey, Luke Yankee's good natured satire...Yankee, also directing, keeps this production moving!"

                                                                           -- Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times

 “I LOVED THIS PLAY!  Truly, I was impressed with virtually everything about it. The play is so well written…I congratulate Mr. Yankee on achieving wonderful originality in the dialogue…I imagine a creative genius at work...the unpredictable resolution is brilliant!

-- Vicki Paris-Goodman,           Signal Hill Tribune

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