by Luke Yankee
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Harry Hamlin, Greg Safel, Barbara Tarbuck and Aviva
in the Los Angeles premiere of
Luke Yankee's comedy, THE JESUS HICKEY.

THE JESUS HICKEY is a modern day fable by award winning playwright, screenwriter and author Luke Yankee about the seduction of celebrity funneled through the window of religious fanaticism.  Funny, bawdy, outrageous and touching, the dialogue crackles with wit as this thought-provoking comedy heartily entertains.  Imagine JUNO meets WAKING NED DEVINE and you'll  grasp the sweet and often zany feel of this coming of age comedy.

The play is the recipient of the TRU Voices Award as well as the Joel and Phyllis Ehrlich Award, given for " a socially relevant, commercially viable new work of theatre."

It was first  produced in Los Angeles at the Skylight Theatre starring film and TV veteran Harry Hamlin (CLASH OF THE TITANS, LA LAW) in the role of Sean Flynn. The production garnered rave reviews from critics all over southern California.  It has also been presented in workshops at new works festivals in at The Phoenix Theatre Company and the Long Beach Playhouse.

Luke Yankee has recently completed a a screenplay version which is currently under consideration by several prominent producers.

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